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DRAGON VINYASA is a fully integrated and flowing exercise system that combines the ancient techniques of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with mixed Martial Arts. This dynamic body/mind workout is designed to improve strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, breath control and focus as well as increase energy. Through the flowing synchronization of breath and movement you will release toxins and decrease stress from both the mind and body. Dragon Vinyasa is a fun way to build lean, strong and flexible muscles while at the same time learning basic self-defense.

"Dragon Vinyasa is a perfect blend of the spinal alignment benefits of yoga, and the body awareness and strengthening of the martial arts.”

—Randal R. Peoples, MD Board Certified Neurological Surgeon

Now available to stream or download to any device! iOS, Android, or home computer supported. Click here to visit our online store, or navigate to the shop tab. Upon completing checkout through PayPal you will be redirected to Dropbox where you can either download or stream videos. You will also receive a link via email where you can always access your programs. Begin watching the short Introduction to Dragon Vinyasa video first, followed by the 56 minute Dragon Vinyasa Tutorial, which gives a clearly explained breakdown for the sequence with proper alignment for the yoga poses and martial art forms. Once you have the basics, the 53 minute Dragon Vinyasa Program video will be much easier to follow.

Ottavio Gesmundo and Naomi Brenkman Gesmundo, the creators of Dragon Vinyasa, will safely guide you in tandem through a seamless flow between Martial Art and Yogic techniques. They are certified teachers and posses over three decades of experience instructing hundreds of individuals through several methods of movement. Dragon Vinyasa levels 1 & 2 are combined, which provide beginners with modifications and steps to grow into the practice, in addition to advanced poses and forms for the seasoned practitioner. The instruction is easy to follow and prior experience in yoga or martial arts is not required. 

There are seven components used in the Dragon Vinyasa system:


By turning our senses inward we quiet and still the mind. At the beginning of each class we focus on the breath. This frees us from the distracting chatter of the mind and sets the environment for the entire practice to become a moving meditation.

PRANAYAMA (Breath Control)

The Dragon Vinyasa system incorporates two distinct techniques of breath control. 

1: Ujjayi breathing, also known in yoga as “victorious breath,” heats up the body resulting in the release of toxins. By keeping the lips closed and opening the throat, inhalation and exhalation occurs through the nose at a smooth, even pace. This allows more oxygen to pass through the air canal while creating an oceanic sound and sets a natural rhythm for class. Ujjayi breathing also greatly helps the mind stay focused and open. 

2: Dragon Breath, performed during the faster martial art segments, is inhaled through the nose and exhaled quickly through the mouth in concentrated spurts of energy while executing various blocks, strikes and kicks. Moving from smooth, rhythmic breathing (Ujjayi) to intense, quick breath (Dragon) and then back to Ujjayi is an excellent way to condition your breath control. By increasing the intake of oxygen (in conjunction with various techniques) you will feel the rejuvenation of energy.

BANDHAS (Energy Valves/Locks)

The body is comprised of a complex network of various energy systems. One of these systems is called Bandhas, which are energy valves used to improve the control and flow of energy within the body. These valves, or locks, are also used as physical support to provide balance for various poses and will help strengthen the core. There are many other benefits from practicing Bandha work, but the Dragon Vinyasa system uses it mainly as support and to keep prana (life force energy) properly circulating through our energy field.

DRISHTI (Gaze/Focus)

By keeping eyes softly focused at specific points during class we move freely without distraction and maintain focus.

ASANAS (Poses)

Asanas are the stretching and balancing poses of Yoga. We link the poses together with Vinyasas, which literally means the “synchronization of breath and movement.” The Asanas incorporated in class are taken from the Ashtanga System and are designed to open up and release blocks from the body.


The self-defense maneuvers are techniques based from the Shorinjikempo and Tai Chi Systems, which include a number of blocks, punches, elbow strikes and kicks. We also exercise energy flow and control while integrating everything with the asanas. As the ability of our students grow, more advanced forms will be introduced.


After completing this intensive workout, you are guided into Savasana, a relaxation/meditation that allows the body to fully experience the rejuvenating and healing effects of the entire practice.

Warning! The exercises in this program may not be safe and proper for everyone. Special cautions may apply to individuals with specific health issues. To reduce the risk of injury, consult your doctor before attempting these routines or any other fitness program. This streamed video and DVD is a guide to be used in conjunction with classes and is not a substitute for the personal attention and assistance of a certified teacher. View the entire workout and tutorial at least once before beginning your practice. The creators, producers, participants and distributors of this program are not providing medical guidance and disclaim any liability, damage or loss in conjunction with the exercises and advise herein. 

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