Dragon Vinyasa
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Dragon Vinyasa Levels 1 & 2 DVD is available at Amazon.com. Click here to purchase.

DVD Features:

  • Over 2 Hours of Content
  • 53 Minute Program With Chapter Index (Disc 2)
  • 56 Minute In Depth Tutorial With Chapter Index
  • Stunt/Origin Reel
  • Instructor Biographies
  • Springs Preserve Location Video
  • Introduction/Set Up Guide

Ottavio Gesmundo and Naomi Brenkman Gesmundo, the creators of Dragon Vinyasa, will safely guide you in tandem through a seamless flow between Martial Art and Yogic techniques. They are certified teachers and posses over three decades of experience instructing hundreds of individuals through several methods of movement. Dragon Vinyasa levels 1 & 2 are combined, which provide beginners with modifications and steps to grow into the practice, in addition to advanced poses and forms for the seasoned practitioner. The instruction is easy to follow and prior experience in yoga or martial arts is not required.

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